Saturday, December 29, 2007

This Year is

Man I am glad to say
that! :D 

But, it has been a good
year nonetheless. I mean, I left high school, I started college and I
discovered that I could be on my own in another state just fine.

YAY ME!!!!
I left my life in
California and I started a new one in South Carolina....and I think it’s going
rather splendidly! :D

Now that I have done
this, I have discovered that I can do almost anything I want, I just have to
put my mind to it. 

I have also grown a lot
this year (no, not height wise but nonetheless, I have grown). And I realized
something that my mother said when I was younger: that some people never leave
high school. Some people just never grow up. Even when they are at college (as
I have discovered), some people just don't grow up. Though they should, they
just don't. And while this is sad, it is a fact of life. Some people just don't
grow up.

Moreover, this year has
taught me many life lessons that I simply don't have the time or the space to reiterate
here. But, overall I'm not the same me I was on the inside only a few months
ago. But hey, that's life!