Friday, August 31, 2007


So, living with what is your soon (in 4 years) graduating class is an interesting thing…especially if the friendly peoples at O-Staff are involved. So, after a LONG (almost 24 hours awake) 1st day at college, I woke up (via my friend Lisa and my alarm and because of some “biological clock” that said, “Now it is time to wake up” in a British accent) and took care of my morning essentials (shower, hair, teeth, ect) and as I was just beginning to wind down a little and collect my thoughts about the coming day…here comes this hideous (although altogether hilarious) siren blaring and the voice of an O-Staff member (whose name I probably found out yet forgot) said, “If you can hear my voice…it is time to wake up…we are leaving for the Summit [a camp experience at Camp Graystone in which typical camp activities i.e. The blob, canoeing, tennis, rock walls, water slides, soccer, four square(!), and more are all thrown at the Freshman class to have fun with for about 8 hours] in an hour….Y’all best be getting’ ready class of 2011!!” And I did get ready (though I was already in the process but who cares) and I was able to hang out for another 45 minutes or so until we loaded the buses and headed out for Camp Greystone. It was interesting…to say the least. After all of the “camp activities” we enjoyed (perhaps several times) by the student body, we were introduced to the shag. The shag, if you have not heard of it is the “offical dance of South Carolina” so, it’s pretty much a big deal…and this means that EVERYONE at WoCo had to learn it and this was an awkward time for all, it was like 6th grade dance all over again, learning to dance and having to dance with a random girl you just met…can you say AWKWARD!? But it was fun, and I have to admit, the shag is actually a fun little dance and I will be taking it with me throughout my life…so if nothing else I learned a dance at Wofford! YAY! Then we were given a Wofford orientation 1st, a live band! So we were able to dance (and not just the shag!) and it was F-U-N!!! Then a group of people (or 4 groups of people (to be explained later)) headed back to WoCo because we had BIG PLANS for the coming day. So far, WoCo has been AMAZING! There are AWESOME people (like Nam, Caroline, Lisa, David (times 4), Tori, Maggie, Cameron, Velma, Kelly, Mallory, Matt, Daniel, and a TON more people!). And we had a GREAT time! And hopefully, we will continue!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

First Day

Long lines. Lots of people. Lofting a bed. Television stands. Meeting new friends. Meeting Facebook buddies. Random moments with new people. Long lines. Sleeping through dinner. Meeting families. Apples to Apples. Drama. Wicked. Helen Keller. Salsa. Ceviche. Pillows. Popcorn. Hallway chats. Missing doggies. College humor. Massages. Krispy Kream at 2 AM. Red Bull. Amp. Doubleshot. Coffee. Pictures. Music. Rock. More pictures. Pillowtalk.

Wofford Tuition-$35,000
Energy Dinks and Krispy Kream-$15
Making memories that will last forever and having an AMAZING 1st night at college-PRICELESS

So, after MONTHS of planning (sorta), days spent shopping (yes, DAYS!), and hours (yes, hours not days) of packing I’m finally here at the good ole WoCo…and I have to say….they make for some welcoming people! After getting in line to unload all my dorm stuff I could pack up in my Aunt and Uncle’s BMW I was ready to unload, and before I could even start, the WoCo “O-Staff” (Orientation Staff for all y’all not here) had unloaded EVERYTHING that I had just packed up! WOW….and the bag that I had taken out of the car because it was up with me was out of my hands before I realized that they had finished it all… that takes some dedication and some skill! That first experience here really let me know that the students here were welcoming and that this was going to be a GOOD year! ☺ And then when I got everything worked out in my room (at least a little) there was a nice dinner prepared (yes, it took ALL day!) for me and my mama and all the other students and their parents….it helped again to show how much Wofford cares about the students and it showed me that this transition was going to be a nice and smooth one that would be aided by the wonderful Southern folk! And being able to go to my room and hang out with like 20 people that either I had met that day or at least 1st seen face-to-face for hours….actually, for all night! :D what can I say we had to have Krispy Kream doughnuts and Red Bull….we had cravings, and they had to be satisfied! And even as I write this…probably delirious from a lack of sleep and from too much sugar and caffeine, I know that everything will be ok…I was able to meet a TON of new people from all over the US (Tennessee, New Jersey, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, New York, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, and more!) And being able to play a game of Apples to Apples and just invite random people who are walking by to join in and really jus talk and get ot know each other…I mean, It was great!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Farewell, Pt. 2

Well, my beloved California, this is goodbye. Now, please don’t cry for me just remember our amazing times together and always know that you will be a part of me (and I hope I will be a part of you as well!). Now, I have to say that I understand that we’ve had our bad times (the rainy season, the TPing, the sadness and whatnot but it was great. And this is why I have to say that you have helped me to become what (and who) I am today. Well, of course you already knew that since I grew up with you and only with you! :D But as we all know (but usually fail to recognize or acknowledge) all good things must come to an end (damn you Nelly Furtado now I’m singing that song lol!). We both knew that this day had to come sooner or later but alas it is here. And there is now turning back (I already paid lol) but I believe that the future holds MUCH in store for us (whether it is together or not) Moreover, I have to say that the times that we had together (Disneyland, Half Dome, TPing, the cop, H.S. and whatnot) will always be remembered (even if I have to look at pictures to remember them!) I have to learn to be on my own two feet, I have to learn how to aptly be my own man, I have to learn what type of man I will become (although I have my thoughts) and most importantly, I have to learn….WoCo (or Wofford College for you uninformed people) will allow me to do all of these things and most importantly to me, I know that I can have fun and GROW there myself, without anybody there attempting to hold my hand. I know that it will be hard, but I also know that I have to undergo this journey (like any traditional hero, thanks Mrs. Mitchel!) I also know that there will be challenges and hardships that will seem impossible but that I will get/find the strength to endure them (again, thanks Mrs. Mitchel!) but just like the typical hero’s journey I will eventually defeat my challenges and come out the victor and I will be stronger and have gained a reward (again, Mrs. Mitchel!) for my exploits and triumphs. And hey, I can take the limit of my greatness using calculus! (That’s for you Pagani!)…or I could always NOT do that! And this will be fun, and I know that because I have met so many interesting and fun people from Facebook and from Wofford FYI that I cannot wait to meet and who help to make this journey into the unknown all the easier. There is Nam, Brendan, David, Lisa and Torie…and these people have helped me to recognize the AMAZINGNESS that will be the next four years of my life. Their constant support and our random conversations about college and what we are planning to do and the anticipation for it all that is driving us mad help to make me feel more at home already…. and for that I am COMPLETELY grateful! Well, California and all those that I am leaving behind, here is to you! I will miss you but we all knew that this had to come…........and we will all move on with our lives, whether we think we can right now or not! I will miss you my friends, and don’t think that you can’t call me! Because you CAN!!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Sitting here, I've realized that almost is probably the worst word ever. Period, that's it, it is the worst word in the history of the world. I mean almost, it technically means: not quite or very nearly. Its more or less the absence of being done or being happy, or being anything. I mean, I'm ALMOST done living here in California, I'm ALMOST ready to go to South Carolina, I'm ALMOST ready to move on with my life, I ALMOST feel as if I can be happy for the rest of my life, I'm ALMOST about to meet my summer-time buddy, I ALMOST everything. I just don't get it. Why would anybody want to be ALMOST. I am so ready to be done with all these ALMOST's they are driving me mad! Why in the world should I let my life ALMOST be ruled by ALMOST's. I just don't get it. I really want ALMOST to be erased from my vocabulary. But then, could I ever be complete? Do you have to first be ALMSOT before you can be complete? I mean can you go from nothing to complete? If you could would that mean that I could walk outside and meet the person I am to spend the rest of my life with? If so, then I want a certain person to come by so we can see if life really can work that way. But back to ALMOST, it simply is the perfect way to describe my life right now. I am ALMOST.....I'm in between everything right now, I'm nearing the end of one life and I'm nearing the beginning of my next (hopefully better) life in the South. But, I haven't taken that first step. I mean I understand that "the first step is the hardest". And I am constantly reminded of that by those who have traveled before me but my problem is, I simply don't know whether I haven't taken the first step because I haven't seen it yet because its not yet time, or because I'm not ready to leave everything that I've known, grown up with, felt comfortable with, and needed. And everything is about to change....well ALMOST...

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Farewell Pt. 1

Wow, I'm finding out that it is REALLY hard to say goodbye to all that you have, to all that you have known, to all that you have held dear, and to all that you feel safe with.... I't hard to know that you might not ever see these familiar faces ever again, walk these familiar streets or go to these familiar stores and restaurants. Well, that is what I have to do in less than 8 days. In less than 8 days, I'm leaving California, I'm leaving the 209 and I'm going to be going off to college in South Carolina and I might be there for the rest of my life, or at least the next 4 years. And while I'm very happy to go and happy to be branching off on my own and happy to be meeting new people, it's hard to know that those I love are like a 6 hour plane flight away...but I guess that is what I wanted. I signed up for school away from my family to escape the possibility of being stifled but I can't help but to fear. I mean I know some people who will be there already but still, this is only through the internet and it's different, knowing someone online and knowing someone in person....but I guess that I'm going to find out the truth soon enough! I know I sound COMPLETELY scared to go, but I am really excited as well, it's just that well, the first step is the hardest. BUT I AM READY TO GO...i hope!