Monday, January 26, 2009

ACK! I'm Like Cathy!

So, the picture above is my base schedule per week during Spring Semester. This of course is excluding special meetings, and things like that. Beyond this, the schedule above is only from such it lacks any study time or late meetings such as my regular RA meeting....

Beyond this, I am going to be trying to find funding, etc to attend 4 different conferences during February and March. We will be doing a TON more for the ONE @ Wofford group that I run along with a new organization that I am advising called STANDNOW (a Student Anti-Genocide Organization). 

Sometimes, I wonder if I can be considered student still...but I love it nonetheless! :D 

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I'm Sick...

So, I'm on duty this weekend and quite sick. I'm taking some stuff but its a weird kind of sick...a cross between a phlegmy-throaty-monoy-fluy- kind of thing....Gross! 

Beyond that, interim is almost over and as such I have bought my books for next semester! :D They only cost me $245 this time! (Oh-My-Geeze books are expensive!) Beyond this, I am getting my life in order for the next semester and it looks like I'm going to be attending 4 conferences and presenting at (a minimum of) 2 of them. For the summer, I'm looking into getting two one month internships (paid!), but they are in two different states...and that leaves me with nothing to do for a month during which I am thinking about coming home and chilling there for the month whilst I work like 5 jobs hopefully...but se la vie! also snowed the other day at WoCo! That was AMAZING! I have some great pics that my picasa has; just use the link to the right to see them! :D 


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Life as I know it...

Well, things are going well...enough. 

I have a funny life sometimes. While my interim class isn't what I hoped it would be (by any stretch of the imagination), it is still fun because its giving me more time with one of my favorite friends. 

Beyond this, I am getting back to know some of my closest friends before the semester and Wofford's academics take our lives over again. Though this vein, I have befriended a really cool guy who is coming here next year. 

On the work side of things, I am trying to get a job (maybe just an internship) with Bread for the World that I'm really excited about. And then I'm tossing around the idea of applying for an internship in New York during August. 

So my life is busy, and a little soap opera-y....what of it? 

Any advice? 

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'm Back!

So, I'm back to blogging here. The whole school blog thing is not working so well, nonetheless, you can come here for a more fun time.