Thursday, July 23, 2009

So, I Kinda Suck....

I realize now as I'm about to have to blog about my time in Kenya (if you don't know already idk what i should do with you...more info here) that I kinda suck at blogging unless I have to....

I mean I do microblog (whatever that is) and I do have a photostream on the side there where I photoblog...but for the most part I don't update the actual blog part of this page.

And for that I am sorry. Now I do have a bit of an excuse, lately, my life has been very I see no need to bore you all (whomever you may be) with the mundane details of my day to day life without any real insight...hence why I rarely post on my other blog. Without some need to blog I just don't.

But I have made a resolution of sorts...I will attempt to increase my bloggage (is that a word?) even if it is simply an update about how mundane my life is at the moment.

So, on that note: I spent yesterday in San Francisco and walked 10 miles (I google mapped this after the fact to find out how far I had trekked) and now I have a MASSIVE blister on my right foot...perfect for going to a foreign country! :D YAY! jk, jk

Nonetheless, I had a great time and had a wonderful lunch, explored some fascinating areas and scoped out some new places to eat! :D (If you're wondering why I didn't have a wonderful dinner, it is because I had to wake up at 3 AM today to get ready for my flight and I decided to OD on sugar so I passed out via Cinnabon, this worked out wonderfully until I had 3 friends call me.)

Well, I have to go, there is something going on with my flight that I didn't pay attention to...oh, they're trying to get people to ditch it to make more

Nonetheless, I am STARVING...adieu!