Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I am INSANELY Excited!

So, ONE just posted this on the OCC Blog and I think this is AMAZING! 
These are the 40 students who currently have the most points in the 15 “individual actions” we announced yesterday. Submit more of these actions and your name will move up on the list!

Only the top 20 will be invited to submit projects to compete for 5 spots on our 2009 OCC trip to Africa.

1 Nick Stevens, Webster University, 100565
2 Justin Kralemann, Baylor University, 55285
3 Mike Fazzino, Sacred Heart University, 48350
4 Tomas Moreno, Wofford College, 45710
So, According to ONE, I am one of the top ONE anti-poverty activists in the nation. This is CRAZY! So, I will keep you updated on it! 

Read the full article here

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  1. Tomas, I am so excited for you! Go Tomas! Go Tomas!I KNOW you can do it! Good Luck!