Saturday, August 29, 2009

Resident Life 2.0

So, we have been in RA training all of this past week and it has been really interesting.

We have a wonderful staff and I am really excited, but it has been very taxing to attempt to put my hall together the way I expect it to be (all beds lofted (as is told will happen to incoming freshmen but never actually happens), all maintenance and IT issues resolved (doesn't look like they will be), and to be able to lock my door without issue (probably won't happen).

Because of all of this, I have not had time to mingle or even really talk to the three (maybe more) residents that I already have...and they all live next to me (two in one room and one in the other)...I mean really?!

I told them that I would be busy and gave them my number if they needed me but, nonetheless I feel bad!

But I have been working really hard and I am very excited for this coming year...I just hope that it goes well and without too many issues...but this is the hall that had over $1000 in damages to Exit Signs alone last year....

Last thing: I had to spend $319.70 on books this semester and I have a book for each hour that I am in class...really? I mean REALLY?


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