Thursday, January 3, 2008

Judging--No-- "Watching" People

So, again I find myself stuck in this halfway house for travelers, this quagmire, this…. airport. And with an hour to kill and no Internet connection, I am here writing a blog on Word for Mac and well, as the title says judging –no—watching people.

Now, this makes me seem sorta conceited or at least it makes it seem as if I feel as if I am above those I judge…but instead I see it as a social experiment, I judge them while I seek the answer to the question of what others see when they see me.

Ok, let’s begin.

There are the mothers and daughters. This is an interesting group of people because they are constantly fighting but you know that they love each other in the end. They bicker and they whine but in the end there is only love. Especially at a time like this (11:38 pm) patience is wearing thin. They simply want to get on that stupid plane and get it over with.

Then there are the college students like myself. Some of them obviously fans of poor Illinois who had to face the REAL USC today in the Rose Bowl and loose, but nonetheless they are here. Tired, and eager to get out of this midway (and especially tired if they are an Illinois fan!). We are just bored of this place, and it shows. We stand or sit with weary eyes near our luggage or with our luggage on us just waiting…forevermore…or at least until that stupid plane gets here so we can get it over with.

There are the lone travelers. This group of people sits lazily alone but along multiple seats most of the time strewn about. We read, we use our laptops, we feign sleep, and we do anything in an attempt to seem busy so other people like us do not sit near us nor attempt to talk to us. We look around every now and then and make it seem as if we are awaiting some significant other or at least constantly look at the monitors awaiting that stupid plane, hoping that it gets here so we can get it over with.

The families, who could forget them! The families sit by together generally as far away as they can from others but as close as they can to each other. Almost making it seem as if they are part of some secret society. They sit alone huddled up or in a similar position, anything to show their disdain of others, of intruders. Yet even they look anxious for that stupid plane so they can get it over with.

There are the “seasoned travelers” who come with a light rolling bag for a carry on and some small bag for a nice personal item. They come in nice comfortable clothing, which is warm yet, breathable and they always dress in layers. These layers are there simply due to the unpredictability of the weather wherever they land. And they look at the monitors awaiting their delicious yet stupid plane so they can get the waiting over with and get to the “fun stuff” of flying……..these people are weird!

But alas, this post has only used 15 minutes...and yet I have judged –no—watched most of the people here…and well, I’m ready to move on to filling my time with another task…. like figuring out a way to end global warming! NAH! How about watching Finding Nemo with my remaining time???? Yea, that seems like a better fit.

Quote of the Blog: I really think that this quote sums up what I see: “Ready to *makes a flying motion*?? The quicker the better huh!?”—A random pilot to someone near me.

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