Thursday, June 5, 2008


Summer here at Wofford is interesting, it is HOT, HUMID, HAS NOTHING TO DO, and well, IS SOOOOOOO BORING!!!!!

But at least it gives me time to catch up on my reading and on life in general.

During my 4 days here already, I have decided 3 things:
1. I am going to pursue more creative outlets, specifically a possible business venture in downtown Spartanburg whereby I will be owning a restaurant. YAY! I am at the beginning of starting that up and talking to people to see if I can get some capital generated to start this thing.
2. I am going to start a new blog where I will discuss topics that interest me on a global scale. By this, I mean I will be working on discussing politics, religion, international aid, and pretty much anything and everything under the sun in a semi-academic manner. (read as sophistication: MAJOR!)
3. I am going to increase the amount of time I spend with academically minded people. This afternoon, I was with an acquaintance of mine who I have talked to maybe 5 times before and I had an AMAZING time! We discussed all sorts of academic topics and life in general and it was GREAT! He also introduced me to another girl who I know of but I don't know real well and she blew me away! She was so down to earth but worldly at the same time. Truly an inspiration!

WELL, I have to go, MUCH to do still and I have homework still!


  1. Tell me more. What restaurant? What kind of food. Details....need details. Love you, Auntie Bev

  2. Details! What kind of restaurant? Partners? Lots of questions...AB

  3. Hey sexy,

    I love that you're writing a blog again. I like it a lot. :)