Saturday, January 24, 2009

I'm Sick...

So, I'm on duty this weekend and quite sick. I'm taking some stuff but its a weird kind of sick...a cross between a phlegmy-throaty-monoy-fluy- kind of thing....Gross! 

Beyond that, interim is almost over and as such I have bought my books for next semester! :D They only cost me $245 this time! (Oh-My-Geeze books are expensive!) Beyond this, I am getting my life in order for the next semester and it looks like I'm going to be attending 4 conferences and presenting at (a minimum of) 2 of them. For the summer, I'm looking into getting two one month internships (paid!), but they are in two different states...and that leaves me with nothing to do for a month during which I am thinking about coming home and chilling there for the month whilst I work like 5 jobs hopefully...but se la vie! also snowed the other day at WoCo! That was AMAZING! I have some great pics that my picasa has; just use the link to the right to see them! :D 



  1. Did you go to the health center? Hope you feel better. Love, AB

  2. I haven't. I feel better now and its just kinda ben off and on for the last few days....but alas!