Monday, January 26, 2009

ACK! I'm Like Cathy!

So, the picture above is my base schedule per week during Spring Semester. This of course is excluding special meetings, and things like that. Beyond this, the schedule above is only from such it lacks any study time or late meetings such as my regular RA meeting....

Beyond this, I am going to be trying to find funding, etc to attend 4 different conferences during February and March. We will be doing a TON more for the ONE @ Wofford group that I run along with a new organization that I am advising called STANDNOW (a Student Anti-Genocide Organization). 

Sometimes, I wonder if I can be considered student still...but I love it nonetheless! :D 

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  1. Creeeeper. How'd you find my blog?
    Oh, right. You're Tomas. Well. I guess I'll just stalk you too then.