Monday, June 25, 2012

The Modern Education Myth

So, this is something I have been meditating on for a while now and I simply need to put it down and start to develop this line of thought.

Education is a lie.

There, I said it. I know this sounds very odd; especially so when you realize that I am from a family predominately consisting of teachers and I am a person who when to a prestigious private college. But, it is true.

Bear with me, but education especially the modern state of education in America is a lie.

The current generation (the Millenials of which I am a part) were brought up being spoon fed lies around education. Essentially, the line goes: Go to school, do well and graduate high school. You will then go to a great college, do well and graduate. Next, you will find a great job, change the world, and be happy.

This is a f*cking lie. This is where the Millenial generation gets much of its distain for the other generations and where the overwhelming judgements of our lazy, self-serving, etc generation stem from. We grew up with these lies being told to us.

While this may have been true for GenXers and the Baby Boomers, simply put, this is not the case now. With the majority of a generation being told this is what you have to do to get a good life and this is the life you should live we find that we have thousands (if not more) of Millenials living lives where we are buried with student loan debt, as well as even more being underemployed.

Sorry to break it to the world America but not everyone should go to college. Yes, I believe that everyone should have the  opportunity to go to college but not everyone should. Simply but, people should be encouraged to follow their dreams, and whatever path that may take. If you don't want to have a job that requires a college education then DON'T GO TO COLLEGE. Simply, remain educated, constantly challenging yourself and pursue what you want to do.

Until we stop perpetuating this myth of education and happiness, we will NEVER solve neither our education nor our debt issues.

This being said, while I am fine being saddled with the debt that my education has afforded me, I do believe that there needs to be some form of federal intervention to aid the Millenial generation with their debt because simply but, it isn't our fault (at least wholly) that we are in this state.

Once some of these issues begin to be solved, I believe that the Occupy movement and many of our current social issues in general will be solved.

That's my two cents at least.


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  2. It's hard to believe that something your parents told you and something that is pretty much universally acknowledged is a lie.
    So, I simply don't.
    Not everyone is as lucky as Bill Gates .Not every dropout (or even someone who has never been to college) can be as lucky, some may even end up in a burger shack.
    Maybe even in a canteen manager.
    Who knows?

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