Thursday, August 23, 2007

Farewell, Pt. 2

Well, my beloved California, this is goodbye. Now, please don’t cry for me just remember our amazing times together and always know that you will be a part of me (and I hope I will be a part of you as well!). Now, I have to say that I understand that we’ve had our bad times (the rainy season, the TPing, the sadness and whatnot but it was great. And this is why I have to say that you have helped me to become what (and who) I am today. Well, of course you already knew that since I grew up with you and only with you! :D But as we all know (but usually fail to recognize or acknowledge) all good things must come to an end (damn you Nelly Furtado now I’m singing that song lol!). We both knew that this day had to come sooner or later but alas it is here. And there is now turning back (I already paid lol) but I believe that the future holds MUCH in store for us (whether it is together or not) Moreover, I have to say that the times that we had together (Disneyland, Half Dome, TPing, the cop, H.S. and whatnot) will always be remembered (even if I have to look at pictures to remember them!) I have to learn to be on my own two feet, I have to learn how to aptly be my own man, I have to learn what type of man I will become (although I have my thoughts) and most importantly, I have to learn….WoCo (or Wofford College for you uninformed people) will allow me to do all of these things and most importantly to me, I know that I can have fun and GROW there myself, without anybody there attempting to hold my hand. I know that it will be hard, but I also know that I have to undergo this journey (like any traditional hero, thanks Mrs. Mitchel!) I also know that there will be challenges and hardships that will seem impossible but that I will get/find the strength to endure them (again, thanks Mrs. Mitchel!) but just like the typical hero’s journey I will eventually defeat my challenges and come out the victor and I will be stronger and have gained a reward (again, Mrs. Mitchel!) for my exploits and triumphs. And hey, I can take the limit of my greatness using calculus! (That’s for you Pagani!)…or I could always NOT do that! And this will be fun, and I know that because I have met so many interesting and fun people from Facebook and from Wofford FYI that I cannot wait to meet and who help to make this journey into the unknown all the easier. There is Nam, Brendan, David, Lisa and Torie…and these people have helped me to recognize the AMAZINGNESS that will be the next four years of my life. Their constant support and our random conversations about college and what we are planning to do and the anticipation for it all that is driving us mad help to make me feel more at home already…. and for that I am COMPLETELY grateful! Well, California and all those that I am leaving behind, here is to you! I will miss you but we all knew that this had to come…........and we will all move on with our lives, whether we think we can right now or not! I will miss you my friends, and don’t think that you can’t call me! Because you CAN!!!!

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  1. First of all, you start of sounding like you snatched this thing straight out of "Evita"! LMAO!!! But, I loved that movie so it's totally okay! It's so great that you can remember everything without making it into a ridiculously sad thing. And I'm so excited that you said I was one of the people to help make your transition easier. I'm so happy to hear it! And you're going to do amazingly out here. You know what you wanna do and that makes all the difference a lot of the time, y'know?