Friday, August 31, 2007


So, living with what is your soon (in 4 years) graduating class is an interesting thing…especially if the friendly peoples at O-Staff are involved. So, after a LONG (almost 24 hours awake) 1st day at college, I woke up (via my friend Lisa and my alarm and because of some “biological clock” that said, “Now it is time to wake up” in a British accent) and took care of my morning essentials (shower, hair, teeth, ect) and as I was just beginning to wind down a little and collect my thoughts about the coming day…here comes this hideous (although altogether hilarious) siren blaring and the voice of an O-Staff member (whose name I probably found out yet forgot) said, “If you can hear my voice…it is time to wake up…we are leaving for the Summit [a camp experience at Camp Graystone in which typical camp activities i.e. The blob, canoeing, tennis, rock walls, water slides, soccer, four square(!), and more are all thrown at the Freshman class to have fun with for about 8 hours] in an hour….Y’all best be getting’ ready class of 2011!!” And I did get ready (though I was already in the process but who cares) and I was able to hang out for another 45 minutes or so until we loaded the buses and headed out for Camp Greystone. It was interesting…to say the least. After all of the “camp activities” we enjoyed (perhaps several times) by the student body, we were introduced to the shag. The shag, if you have not heard of it is the “offical dance of South Carolina” so, it’s pretty much a big deal…and this means that EVERYONE at WoCo had to learn it and this was an awkward time for all, it was like 6th grade dance all over again, learning to dance and having to dance with a random girl you just met…can you say AWKWARD!? But it was fun, and I have to admit, the shag is actually a fun little dance and I will be taking it with me throughout my life…so if nothing else I learned a dance at Wofford! YAY! Then we were given a Wofford orientation 1st, a live band! So we were able to dance (and not just the shag!) and it was F-U-N!!! Then a group of people (or 4 groups of people (to be explained later)) headed back to WoCo because we had BIG PLANS for the coming day. So far, WoCo has been AMAZING! There are AWESOME people (like Nam, Caroline, Lisa, David (times 4), Tori, Maggie, Cameron, Velma, Kelly, Mallory, Matt, Daniel, and a TON more people!). And we had a GREAT time! And hopefully, we will continue!

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  1. I can't wait to learn the shag. It will be a great new "ringing in the New Year" dance.
    "Somebody move the coffee table, we got some dancing to do!"
    Auntie Debo