Saturday, September 1, 2007

Showering In Front of Your Class

So, today (Thursday) we were in our “Summit Adventures” which are all of our breakout sessions (4 of which were held on campus and out of Camp Greystone) and it was AMAZING (I just realized that I say that word WAY too much! lol). This is why a bunch of us went back to the campus last night…and I have to say…I thought that this was INCREDIBLE (yes, I found a new word!)!!! So, the “adventure” that I had was “Pulling Back The Curtain” which was all about theater and which included us doing a performance in front of all of the people (and staff) at Wofford College at the time (many from the Freshman class were still at Camp Greystone). So, after completing a few acting exercises (including me being a Canadian moose who terrorizes people and me having a “great time” with someone whilst her roommate was in the room) we went on to create our show for the rest of the class (there at WoCo) to see…mine was showering: the differences between girls and boys.

“Don’t Drop The Soap: A Day In The Life of The Wofford Showers” was born…which included me sleeping in until about 10 minutes before my 1st class, putting on smelly shorts, using a smelly t-shirt as a towel, dropping trouser in front of my class, washing my face right after washing my butt…. after being frozen for a minute in a butt washing position…all in pantomime in front of my classmates….and the deans….it was GREAT! This all occurred while my friend Tori was a frantic showerer who simply could not get everything together without MAJOR stressing…it was GREAT!

And when it was all over, I realized how much I missed the theater, and how much I missed being on stage and having people talk to me after the show about it. It was AMAZINGLY INCREADIBLE!!!! And I don’t know if I can EVER go back to not doing shows…even if they are just improv. troupes…and I think that I might prefer that…but I don’t know….I guess only time will tell, at here at WoCo I think that I will discover all of this within my 4 years here…but again, only time will tell, but I CAN’T WAIT!

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