Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I am truly blessed. I realized today just how blessed I am right now.

Background: I'm working at an amazing place where I am truly affecting peoples lives in a meaningful way and for the last week I've been reviewing resumes of people I can (hopefully) hire to be my employees and I've realized just how awesome I have things.

- I work in a job I love that gives me the time to actually have a life.
- I have a second job that helps people make ends meet and live their lives better.
- I have an amazing family who loves and supports me.
- (this one is a little bad but...) I have the ability to write a meaningful and succinct cover letter/resume. A skill that many are lacking.
- I have friends who are truly amazing.
- I (will soon) have enough money to live comfortably.
- I have the ability to learn and grow from my failures.
- I am comfortable in myself and my own abilities to live my life how I want.
- I am healthy (although I believe I may have some sort of issue affecting my energy levels as I'm constantly exhausted).
- I am happy.

I think that far too often we find ourselves dwelling on what we don't have. I know at least that this is true of me simply look at my last two posts to see my own inhibitions on that. Nonetheless though, I now that we as people have the ability to move past it.

Personally, I have a horrible habit of listening to that voice in the back of my head telling me that I'm inferior. This is wrong. We are all amazing. We need to embrace our individuality and our strengths while learning to curb our weaknesses. While weakness makes us human, it also allows for us to see our current boundaries and move beyond them to better things.

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