Wednesday, May 9, 2012

He lives...somewhere

I'm back. After over 2 years of not blogging here and attempting to blog elsewhere, including trying to force myself to blog on other things I care about, I realize I simply need a space to discuss my life/thoughts/inhibitions/moral dilemmas.

Again, I do not know if you exist readers and I do not know if you care if you do exist. I know that blogging about one's life is quite passe nowadays but nonetheless I feel strangely compelled to. Now, whether this is due to some form of narcissistic quality I invariably posses or something else, I know that I need this...for me.

So, if you (my theoretical reader(s?)) still exist or even still care please bare with me while I attempt to reemerge from the blogging crypt and attempt to bring this dead horse back to life.

In the next few days, I plan on adding a recap of sorts to my life since my last post and hash out my thoughts on where this blog may go from here.

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