Thursday, September 13, 2007


So, today we had our first biology lab today. And it made me want to become a bio major....grrrrr this would:
1. Put me behind because I'm not taking the classes I should be for a bio major.
2. Interfere with my current plans of being a psychology/sociology double major with a philosophy minor.
GRRRR...idk....maybe I could minor in bio....or I could jst let go....yea, I think I'm gonna do that

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  1. Hey Tomas,
    That is one of the reasons why you take a wide variety of classes in College. It is great that you are being "exposed" to lots of different classes. Then you can find out what really interests you. And you know, you just might find that there is something out there that you love and want to do ....even more than you had originally planned. That is exactly how it worked for me.
    So...don't limit yourself. It isn't about being put behind.(All learning is a step forward) It is about figuring out who you are, what your true passions are and becoming the best at whatever you choose to be and do.
    Hmmm and I am wondering...would you really be put behind? Your first two years of college are usually general education classes that apply to any may want to check into this.
    It will be interesting to see the path you actually end up taking after your 4 years....
    Love you so much.
    Auntie Debo