Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Impression That I Get

LMAO! WOW! So, Hayes, That was seriously like a great prank that Me n Darbs and Cam did to you lol and your retaliation cannot be as funny as our initial prank was....damn....you have keys into all of our rooms......oops! LOL Whatever, you know that we rule and I can't wait to find out what is going to happen...just make sure I'm not duct taped to my bed....remember I don't have a roomie to cut me off...but feel free to do that to Cam and Darbs lol!


1st Day(s) were GREAT!

1. Bio with Goldey--she seems really cool and like a LOT of fun, I cannot wait for her random fun times!
2. Philosophy with Michelman--he seems really nice, and genuinely interested in everything he talks about...although he also kinda seems a little ADD...but I LOVE THAT!
3. Espanol with Powers--this will be a good year and I know that I will learn a TON of Spanish and through some interesting ways (eg. Telenovelas, peliculas, ect.)
4. Humanities with Sweitzer--The topics we are to discuss sound very interesting!
5. Wellness with Wallace--it seems like a really personal class that will be helpful for my 1st year and more!

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