Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Week In Review

So...the first week.

Well, there were the three papers that were annoying. There were the massive amounts of scariness that came when Red Chic came out with her class expectations and such which pretty much scared the living daylights out of me...and the rest of the class. Then it goes to Beast who more or less is ADD and has the inflection of a dying stump. Ok, maybe that was a little harsh but EVERYONE in that class falls asleep in the class...luckily Adam gave me the advice of spurring a conversation about the material, he said that it kept him awake in class, it made the class go quicker, and it made Beast like him more. Jean is a nice teacher but after the first two days, she took it VERY fast and made it scary...but whatever. Spreckle is ok...but she is VERY harsh when it comes to pronunciation....oh well tho. I think that I've done ok with it so far. And then there is Mama, she is GREAT she is soooooo happy and she LOVES us....it is soooo nice. She is a breath of fresh air...and I love it.

Now it comes to the social life. It has been GREAT! I have had some GREAT times with GREAT peoples. I love it. They TOTALLY get me! They know EXACTLY what to say (usually) and they know when to come and when to go (usually). I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!

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