Friday, September 14, 2007


Well, as I sit (sorta lay...whatever) here in Milliken before my next class (starting in 50 minutes) I can't help but to I'm blogging!

First, let's get some things straight, I don't really want to be a bio just doesn't feel right to me. And true, I won't be "behind" but I wouldn't be as ahead as I could (bio major declare-ees were provided the chance to start working on the requirements by taking a higher bio class than Intro to Animal Bio. Moreover, I really do like psychology and I hear that sociology goes right along with it....but before I "officially" declare I will be taking some more classes to bet on my way so don't worry, they really try to make sure that you don't waste too much time. Also, the fact that it is a liberal arts education here at WoCo means that we automatically try a lot of don't worry, I have my bases covered :D

Second, the school blog will be starting soon...I have all the paperwork turned in and today I will be taking a picture which will be the temporary picture (until they can get a professional photographer) for the blog. Then it is just a password, some formatting, and some pictures/typing until I have it ready to go. When that happens, I will be linking this page to that (via a side bar hyperlink) so, just stay tuned.

Third, the weekend! WOW, it feels like only yesterday I was dragging through Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and wishing that the weekend would just come already....and now I feel like it almost came too soon....but I do have 2 more classes to attend and a Humanities paper to turn in before today's academic day is over (plus some meetings I have to go to to become an Ambassador (tour guide). YAY!

So, the plans for the weekend....hmmmmm

Well, Friday, I plan on seeing American Grafitti here on campus, do a movie night (maybe) of Life is Beautiful (depending) maybe going to the library to see if they have some interesting DVDs to check out. And have Chris stay over because he hates his roomie (poor guy!). Saturday includes the Hub-bub junk sale (see ) and maybe getting a few things....maybe not, depending then on to Venus Pie for lunch (if we have time) and then to the Jason Mraz show at Converse.
And probably some more randomness....maybe a trip to Barnes & Noble to get some more things for the wall....hmmmm....Sunday will include homework, some random dance parties, a Rubi marathon, and some Telemundiales being shown in my room.....and food....and sleep....lots of both of those!

Hopefully, this weekend will be fun (my plans excite me but who know what will end up occurring!) but I know that no matter what....I have 1984 to read and some homemade cookies to look foreword to from Velma

Oh, btw, I got a call back for Wofford on Call which means I could have a REAL job!!!! I know right!? But all in all, I'm looking foreword to my's supposed to be casual, but I think I'm going to be professional casual because I really want it....but only time will tell.

Oops, btw, Wofford on Call is the group of students who call the Alum for money...YAY telemarketing (Troy, watch out!) And what is great is that it is set your own hours (with a min each week) and there are a TON of bonuses for nightly goals, weekly goals, semesterly goals, top seller, ect. I think that this could be fun and helpful to the college....that plus my blogging and the Ambassadors, Wofford is starting to become the school of Tomas..............just wait!

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  1. I never had any doubt out Wofford. Here he comes!!!!