Sunday, September 2, 2007

Super Powers!

So, I totally have to blog this goes!

While eating dinner the other night (two night ago maybe...idk) my RA Hayes came and asked me and my friends what super power we would have if we could. I said I had would be the Aquaman power of talking to fish so that right before I ate them as sushi I could see what they were thinking.

Tomas *using powers*: Aahh...little fish you seem nervous, what's wrong??
Little Fish: I-I'm scared everyone is disappearing!
Tomas *still using powers*: Don't worry little fish--*Tomas takes fish out of the water and decapitates it to make sushi*--now you have disappeared too!

My second power (the one I would REALLY have) was teleportation like Nightcrawler with the whole clouds thing.

Then came the real question..

Would you keep the power if you had to be naked all the time or would you be normal? Obviously I said that I would be naked....this is where the clouds would come in handy because they would be strategically placed (lol)! And so now I am part of the Naked Super Friends! YAY!

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  1. I think you are genuinely insane. But whatever, we need a clinical Supreme Court Justice. I lost the game