Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Well...class.....pretty much that's it, oh and a movie presentation here at WoCo that's free, I think it's some type of an indie film...or something like that.....kewl! Update! It is actually a Cannes Film Festival winner called Days of Glory in the US...aka Indigenes, apparently it takes place in France...idk if that means that it is going to be in French or what but I LOVE subtitled movies so....YAY! And I will add a review n such afterwards, depending on the amount of time I have left afterwards including homework.

Bio. toady went VERY slow and we went VERY fast and it was annoying...but I guess we had to move sometime! LOL
Philo. today went VERY fast YAY (thanks Adam!)
Esp. was a TON of speaking which is still odd since in H.S. we didn't do too much of that...but I guess I have to move along and progress at some point....whatever! LOL

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