Thursday, September 27, 2007

Let's Go WoCo!!!!

So, after our AMAZING win against APP State last week, we have a LOT to live up to but, I know that we can. This weekend, we are going to be playing against our rivals, Furman. This game should prove to be an AMAZING long as I can keep the crowd

I will be the leader of the Dog Pack for this one.

Yea, you heard me.

This weekend, my RA Hayes is going to be on duty thus, he cannot go to the game...which means that another has to take the mantel of leader...that is me.... I mean I'm honored and I love it. But I must admit its kinda scary.

So, here are my plans:
1. Ditch the idea of doing "Quintessential" on our chests, save that one for Family Weekend.
2. Get the girls about T-Shirts or Tanks that correspond with what we are going to do!?
3. Guys, lets keep it small, but powerful "GO WOFFORD!" whilst the girls sport "BOO FURMAN!"
4. Let's REALLY get this crowd a cheering! Everyone, rest your voices. Because this game is going to prove who the men and who the puppies are....which do you want to be?
5. Let's just make sure we REALLY have some fun! I mean this one is pretty much everything we've been prepping for all year...lets make it count!


  1. Tomas...
    How about Go Wofford Beat Furman.
    Still the same idea, but without being "degrading or negative". Beat versus Boo it a but more positive.
    Plus one more girl to take part.
    Just a thought.

  2. Noroc azi Tomas! Victorie Furman.

    Good Luck today! Beat/Win Furman!
    Auntie Debo